Chamber is a project space set aside for creativity and social change.

Through a broad range of film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, performances, readings, instructional classes, residencies, and community meetings, Chamber serves as both an incubator and exploratorium, rather than either an arts or cultural institution.

About Us

Our Ethos

Our ethos springs from a commitment to openness and gravitates between states of experimentation and transformation, whilst maintaining a degree of play.

In this way, Chamber aims to foster dialogue between otherwise disparate ideas and people.

Mindful of the anti-establishment and multi-cultural history of Moreland, our activities are designed to both embrace diversity and respect difference. In everything we do, we acknowledge the Wurundjeri tribe who are the traditional people of this land and water.

Entry to Chamber’s various events is free and open to the public, unless stated otherwise. We operate in consultation with an evolving Collective. As at February 2017, we have received no governmental or philanthropic funding.

The Space