Dogs Can't Look Up

Angus Baird   ​

Thursday 16th May 2019, 6-9pm

Exhibition Continues 18th - 19th, 11am - 5pm

The show is a metaphor based around the theme 'the search for meaning'. The actors on stage are packs of dogs, (protagonists), schools of fish (antagonists) and a great burning northern star. 

Ancient Grecian fish markets held special divining powers. Buying much eel? you're a usurper of lands, too many sardines? you have the makings of a tyrant. There is a fish for every negative trait to ever afflict a person in their days upon this earth. 

Scenes of dogs searching through dark woods, eyes abound every where, on the hunt  for the northern star of meaning.  Catching second hand reflections  in water pools and dog bowls, further refracted by the rippled disturbance of these negative fishes.  Who could blame these four legged limited beings, hopelessly peering into all the wrong corners of this earth? After all,  dogs cant look up. The northern star of meaning hangs over head in plain view.