Form me 

As I am formed, I form another, and another, and another.

As my heart is moulded, I, in small part, mould others, for good or for ill.

I long that it be good, that all may be good, that the fragrance of being be grace returned.

Form me presents new works by James Murnane, in which he continues in his aspiration to image the unseen, and to affirm the tenuous links between the corporeal and the spiritual. 

In the formation of a person, innumerable ties and influences impact and effect them. Though expressed in non-representative formats, Murnane’s practice aims to be oriented towards personhood. These works are intended to be as evocations of the subtle, yet significant, moulding that can take place, most especially interiorly. Murnane employs rope and twine to intuitively render forms that necessarily depend upon each other, support each other, influence each other. These twine formations, in turn, act as fragile supports that gently hold painted works, abstract icons, that are as visionings of the interior life.

James Murnane is a visual artist from Melbourne, where he currently lives and works, and where he completed his Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT University in 2006. In addition to having exhibited regularly in Australia, he has also undertaken self-directed site-specific installations on the ruins of Korskirken, a former 13th century church in Oslo, Norway (2016), and in the Baroque choir of Saint-Bruno les Chartreux, Lyon, France (2017). Murnane has undertaken residencies at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia (2013), and La Fragua, Belalcázar, Spain (2015).

James Murnane

James Murnane 

Thursday 25th July 2019,  6 - 9pm 

Exhibtion continues 26th - 28th, 11am - 5pm