Lilian Senga Addie’s (2017) “Transmutable Reformation”


Opening: Thursday, April 27, 2017. 6-9pm. All other times between April 27-31 by appointment.

Lillian Senga Addie completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts (Painting) at RMIT University in 2013. Grants and residencies include: Kingston Arts Council Grant and a mentorship with Professor Jon Cattapan; RMIT University Travel Scholarships to participate in The Rome Art Program through the New York Studio School and Royal British Academy of Rome; RMIT University Scholarship for New York Art Tour. Addie has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Victoria, Australia, Italy and her work was exhibited in the 2016 NotFair Art Fair.

The craftsmanship of stretching and priming her own canvases, using traditional methods is an integral part of Addie’s process.

Addie’s paintings research and explore hermetics, geometry, archeology, and religions and scientific mysticism, through gendered, (her)storical perspectives. Transmuting the trauma, sexuality and fertility of our everyday rituals, her work is the embodiment of a personal sacred-symbolic system.

Addie’s paintings exist in a non lingual space, where colour, pattern, rhythm and movement connects individual and collective memories to everyday experiences in the world. Visually documenting feelings, she aims to connect people to each others stories through the visual plane.