This latest body of work furthers the on-going investigation into painterly worlds and
mysterious travels by Melbourne based artist/painter Nic Ives.
Featuring a disparate collection of painted imagery, The Worlds of Quinn Mallory trips through
worlds of parallel narratives and collides incongruent visions in a bizarre mash-up of history
painting, cartoons, the internet and the natural world.
Taking its title from the central character of 90s TV show ‘Sliders’, this body of work clashes a
surreal multiverse of divergent and absurd histories side-by-side, opening a carnivalesque
plurality of painterly invention. Undersea biologies drift alongside cartoon villains, as animals
morph in conversation with classical vistas. With contexts and connections skewed and
broken, a ceaseless re-imagining of references continually plays across the works, and casts
the viewer into a painterly twilight zone.
This work presented here at Chamber constitutes an ambitious expansion of Ives’ painterly
absurdisms, and is a select, Australia-only preview of new work before it is shown in full in
New Zealand at The Vivian Gallery in 2019.

Nicholas Ives is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne and maintains a professional
practice working predominately in oils on linen.
He has held 12 solo & exhibited in over 50 group exhibitions within Australia, Germany, Italy,
New Zealand and USA, and has been selected in national awards & received private and
public commissions.
Ives is currently a finalist in the 2018 Doug Moran Portrait Prize.
Nicholas has held studio residences in Berlin, Germany & Florence, Italy.
Nicholas’ work was featured in the Australian Art Collector and Art+Australia, plus small press
and catalogue publishing.
Nic Ives is represented by Blackart Projects, Melbourne and The Vivian Gallery, Auckland NZ

Nic Ives

The worlds of Quinn Mallory 

Nic Ives

Thursday 29th October 2018, 6-9pm

Exhibition Continues 30th - 2nd, 11am - 5pm